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Driver's License Problems




Is your Pennsylvania driver's license currently suspended?


Driver's License Restoration


  • Does it seem that you'll never get you license back?

  • Do you keep getting suspension after suspension?

  • We have lots of experience in helping people get their driving priviledges restored.

  • In most cases we are able to reduce and in some cases eliminate suspensions altogether.

    • For example in 2014 we had a client who had accumulated over 16 years of suspension time and felt he would never drive legally again. We were able to reduce his suspension time down to just 6 months. He license has now been restored and he is driving legally once more. (results will vary and are not guaranteed)


Get off the Suspension Merry-Go-Round!!! Call us at 412-489-1390.



Is your Pennsylvania driver's license about to be suspended?


Driver's License Protection


  • We practice in the area of motor vehicle violations and licensing everyday.

  • We know how to best ensure that your license will not be suspended or even revoked as a result of a traffic offense or criminal charges.

  • Even if you have plead or been found gulity of a charge that resulted in a suspension, we have experience in "re-opening cases" in order to have their effects reversed, thereby protecting your driving priviledges.

  • Call us today at 412-489-1390 to find out how we can help you!

  • Drug convictions can also lead to automatic driver's license suspensions. How you deal with your drug charges in court will determine if your license will be suspended from your convictions.


WE CAN HELP YOU! CALL 412-489-1390


These traffic offenses will cause PennDot to suspend your driver's license:
  • Points Accumulation

  • DUI / DAI

  • Driving Under Suspension

  • Reckless Driving

  • Racing on a Highway

  • Overtaking a School Bus

  • Failure to Appear/Respond



If you have received a citation for any of the above violations OR FOR DRUG CHARGES, your driving privilege is in jeopardy. Contact DLG now!

Also, your license may be suspended or you may not be getting credit for your suspension if:

  • You received a citation for a traffic offense that involved a license suspension. Not realizing that your license will be suspended, you pled guilty and paid the fine "to get it over with" and moved on. A few weeks later you received a "Notice of Suspension" from PENNDOT.

  • Same facts as above. But in this case, you moved to a new address without notifying PennDOT of the change. PennDOT sends the "Notice of Suspension" to the old address. PennDOT's mailings will not be forwarded to the new address even if you have submitted a Change of Address form to the Post Office. You may not even realize your driving privilege has been suspended for months or even years and you will not get credit toward the suspension until you surrender your license to PennDOT.

  • You are convicted or plead guilty to a criminal or traffic offense that triggers a PA driver's license suspension. In order to begin receiving credit towards the suspension, you surrender your license to PennDOT. However, you retained possession of a duplicate, camera card, or other "license product" PennDOT will not give credit towards the suspension until all "license products" have been surrendered.

  • You have been arrested for DUI and the arresting officer has notified PennDOT that the you refused to submit to a blood or breath test (a "Chemical Test Refusal"). PennDOT will now impose a suspension that goes into effect almost immediately. The suspension will become effective unless action is taken right away.

  • You're an out-of-state driver having trouble obtaining or renewing a driver's license in another state as a result of convictions or suspensions in Pennsylvania from years ago. Or you have been issued a citation and are unsure if the charge would trigger points or a license suspension if convicted.





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