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Should I Just pay the ticket? 

Short answer - No


Even what most people think of as minor traffic offenses can have a serious impact on everyday life. By simply "paying the ticket" you may be consenting to points on your license. You may also see an increase your insurance premiums or even a suspension of your license. "Paying the fine" means you are pleading Guilty to the charges. You have a right to know what you are being charged with, what the result of "paying the fine" will be and what other options are available to you. You should at least consider calling Davis Law Group beforejust paying the ticket.



Should I really fight my traffic ticket?

Short answer - Yes


Law enforcement officers write tickets on a routine basis. People mistakenly think that courts will never take their word over an officers or that there is no hope in "fighting a ticket". Consenquently, most people don't take the nessary steps to defend themselves against tickets. Yes the process can be confusing and time consuming, but your money and way of life are at stake. Davis Law Group understands how traffic court works and we will make sure that all of the necessary steps are taken. Also, we know how to challenge the officer's testimony and the science and technology behind radar, laser and other speed measuring devices. Your driving record is important and Davis Law Group will help to protect your it and you. We have over a 95% sucess rate in helping people reduce their fines, reduce their points, retaining their license or having their case dismissed all together.


Should I hire a Traffic Attorney?

Short answer - Yes


For a relatively small flat fee you can have a experienced attorney working for you throughout the process and standing with you in court!

Eliminate your fear of not knowing what is happening and the fear of standing in court alone to face the judge and the officer that charged you. Your abilty to continue driving, your drinving record and your insurance rates and coverage may hang in the balance. Don't go it alone. Having an attorney fight for you greatly increases your chances of a better outcome. 

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