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Frequently Asked Questions


These are just a few of the questions that we are often asked. If your question or answer is not listed, please give us a call and we'll do our best to answer you. There is no charge or obligation.



How do you know you can help me?

Our attorneys and staff have over 30 years of combined experience helping people with their legal problems. When we perform your free case review, we put that experience to work and conduct an educated analysis of your case and then provide you with a no nonsense explanation of where you stand and how we can help you.



Will it cost me a lot to have an attorney represent me?

We handle many of our cases on a flat fee basis. This way you know up front what it will cost to have an attorney represent you. Our flat fees cover everything through the court hearing itself. You will never be charged extra for your consultation, our gathering documents and evidence, telephone calls, faxes or copy charges. If your case is one that is likely to have more than one hearing or court appearance, we will charge a low additional flat fee for the court appearance or we can handle the case on an hourly basis with hourly rates that are some of the lowest in the profession. 


Can't I just represent myself?

You may have heard the line "A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for his client". The reason for this is not that you are not a competent person, but the system is set up for Law Enforcement, Lawyers and The Courts to work together. Having a Lawyer gives you many advanatges. Often the Police and District Attorneys will not negoitaite with you without a lawyer. In some instance the courts require you to have Lawyer, most often when your conviction could result in a jail sentence.



What are my odds of having my charges reduced?

Are attorneys have been very successful in having our clients charges reduced or even dismissed. In fact we have an over 95% success rate in having charges reduced or dismissed. Keep in mind that we can not guarantee the outcome of your specific case, but we are so confident that if we can not have at least one of you charges and/or fines reduced or dismissed at the Magesterial District Court, we will file and appear at you summary appeal hearing for no additional charge. All you pay is the filing fee for the appeal.  


Do I have to attend the hearing?

While it is always better to have you attend your hearing, in most instatnces it is not necessary. We will have an attorney appear in court and represent you. If you are unable to attend because of work or the distance from your home to the court or some other reason, we will expalin this to the court. If you need to know wether or not you must go to court, give us a call and we will get you an answer. 



I already pled GUILTY or just "paid the fine" can you still help me?

Yes. If you pled guilty or paid the fine within the last 30 days we can still file a Summary Appeal on your behalf. If it has been more than 30 days we can usually "re-open" the case with the court. Please call us ASAP to discuss your options. We have been able to help some people with cases that are years old. Don't give up. Give us a call. 



How will my traffic charges affect my insurance?

Many insurance companies monitor your driving record for traffic offenses. When you are found guilty of what they consider to be serious offense, many will raise your premiums or put you on an un-offical probation. Simply pleading, or being found, Guilty may have have very negative affects on your insurance premiums. In some instatnce the insurance company may drop you altoghether or put you in a very expensie "high risk" category.


Will I have a "record" after this is over?

Generally, records of convictions, arrests and charges of any type (including summary charges) remain on your public record unless you take steps to have them "Expunged". Currently Pennsylvania allows for the Expungement of all charges for which you do not plead guilty or no contest or are not found guilty. Summary charges are eligible for Expungement. Felony and misdemeanor charges are not eligbile. If you enter into an ARD program, certain counties include an "Expungement" of your conviction as part of the ARD. In others, you must take action even if you participate in ARD. Still have questions? Give us a call at 412-489-1390.












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